Time to be offline!

Since my daily work involves many hours at the laptop or in front of whiteboards, I'm always looking for projects offline in my free time.
Whether in the workshop at home or in external studios.
In my job, I'm always enthusiastically working my way into new methods or topics.

The same is true for my craft projects. New materials and techniques always make a project exciting, I can try and test, sometimes fail and optimize until I am completely satisfied with the result.

Both online and offline, the best user experience is important to me. A product must always be easy to use, it must be intuitive and visually appealing.
Sometimes it needs to serve a clear purpose, but sometimes it just needs to entertain. It should bring joy and not bring boredom even after frequent use.

Screen Printing


...and many other projects.



Upcycling and Wood Work

Cards & Decoration