About my work

Although my focus in my university studies was software design, I also went through a classical education. This included studies and knowledge e.g. in color theory, printing tech-nology, editorial and print, analog photogra-phy or animation.

After finishing my university degree, I comple-ted 18 months of in-house training in user re-search, its methods, implementation and evaluation.

Interdisciplinary work and diverse skills are essential for successful and future-oriented projects.

In my current position as an UX designer, consultant and coach, my tasks vary depen-ding on the project. Starting with parts of a business analysis, continuing with user re-search, mockups and prototypes and ending with the review of real products and their behavior and feedback on the market.

I always keep in touch and exchange ideas with the client and the development. Even though different departments always have the main work during a project, a continuous communication with all parties involved is essential. If requirements or technical feasi-bility change, this has to be addressed immediately. This is the only way to ensure that the best possible result is created (whether product or service).

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